Quality Control
Upon arrival to the packing shed, all products are closely inspected, removing all imperfections and then hand graded according to size. After being dipped in a preservation solution to lock in freshness. Ferns are then placed in the cooler for no longer than a 24 hour period. We make
sure that you receive our product as fresh and as soon as possible. It is just another way the Foliage Imports of Central America, Inc. is "Reinventing Freshenss".

Packing the fern takes place inside of the cooler. Eliminating temperature changes helps to maintain the long shelf life all our products are famous for. Our packing and shipping team makes sure that
each bunch is carefully placed inside the box, so you are guaranteed that your product is not damaged. Each box is then sealed properly to lock in coolness and freshness.
Shipping Procedure
Orders placed in advance, standing orders, and large orders can be shipped directly to you from our farm. Others will be shipped F.O.B. Pierson, FL. We can quote prices FOB San Jose, Costa Rica; San Salvador, El Salvador; and Miami or Pierson, FL. In order to ensure freshness and to inform the farm on booking air space we need your order to be placed well in advance. We will need to obtain credit references from you prior to your first shipment. For ordering information, go to the contact page.

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